Spring Ahead

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I spent all winter lamenting my dry hair, unfashionable puffer jacket, and battles with my ice scraper.  Yesterday during what can only be describe as a typical monsoon I donned caramel colored boots, my favorite stretch jeans, and an oversized grandpa cardigan complete with my beloved chain necklace. More than one person commented on the fact that I looked “cozy”. My boss informed me my rain jacket is typically used by people skiing. So what I like to be warm I guess.  As I sit on my porch enjoying a gorgeous sunny afternoon my hair is slowly curling thanks to the humidity. I have to be honest.  I miss fall.

I can’t wait for 65 and sunny with 0% humidity.  I’ll be wearing the likes of these…

Elie Tahari Vivian Print Coat: $598, Bergdorfs

Marc Jacobs Single: $695, Neiman Marcus

Bop Basic Cashmere Sweater (can be worn 4 ways): $264, Shopbop

Frye Dorado Boot: $498, Shopbop


Southern Style

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My recent spree of weddings led me to one of my favorite cities, Charleston. While I’m still trying to figure out a career that will take me there (readers please send in suggestions if you have them!), I took home more than a few souvenirs. It’s hard to pick a favorite between the needlepoint loafers from By Paige! and the vintage jewelry. I still have a few wishlist items but that’s ok…I need an excuse to go back afterall!

By Paige! Needlepoint shoes: $142

Vintage Westie Puppy Pin

Vintage blue-green gem necklace

One day I’ll be back to Ben Silver for my sunglasses…

Red tartan sunglasses: $355 at Ben Silver

White Out?

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Spring through Fall is wedding season in my world. That means trains, planes, and automobiles.  It also one of the many reasons I have a separate closet for dresses.  Beach wedding? I have the perfect strapless ruffled number. Black tie? I have a youthful looking St. John inspired outfit that wows every time. It helps that I like weddings. I also like dresses.  This past weekend at a gorgeous beach wedding I was shocked to see half the guests wearing white. At first I thought perhaps I had missed a memo about a theme. No, it turns out most guests just took the casual laid-back atmosphere to mean the normal wedding rules no longer applied.  But should they have? As far as I’m concerned on your wedding day you should be the only one in a white dress, even if it is a strapy, flowy number finished off with starfish earrings and metallic flip flops.

On another note, please don’t wear miniskirts to weddings. EVER. Thanks!

Sole Sister

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Despite only wearing flats to work (I firmly believe when wearing heels I should be perched on a chair where my feet can be admired not sitting in a back stock room or running around a department like a mad woman) I love shoes! My newest additions, as soon as May 11th rolls around, are the Val by Nine West Boutique 9.  Featured in May’s Elle these shoes are beyond perfect. Clearly a knock off of Christian Louboutin (sorry  Nine West they are!) but with enough of a twist that I didn’t even feel a moment of guilt snapping them up. Can’t wait until they have arrived and are up on the blog!

The Val - Boutique 9 Nine West - $199

Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy the unseasonably wonderful weather throughout the midwest today!

Spring Cleaning

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Who said spring cleaning had to involve scrubbing your house? This year I’m planning a little spring cleaning of my life, read: organizing, opening bills, and finally committing to a healthier lifestyle.  The blog is still going to be dedicated to my clothing obsession so I tackled closet organization first.  Why the housing gods haven’t blessed me with a walk-in closet I’m not sure. Don’t let the sparseness of the closet fool you. I’m hiding my cocktail dresses in a spare bedroom and the majority of my favorite clothes cycle from dirty clothes hamper-dry cleaner-on me too quickly to even make it to the closet.

Look at those beautifully folded cardigans! Let’s hope everything stays looking this way.  Any tips for organizing a small closet?

Gone Gardening

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As promised the posts are finally resuming! Today I finally got myself out of the house and to H&M to check out my beloved Garden Collection. While the signature dress (think red with rosettes) wasn’t available in Pittsburgh (yet another reason for me to not like this city) there were plenty of other pieces from the collection.  HOWEVER, and this is a big however, I wasn’t really a fan.  I tried on every piece to meet with heartbreaking results.  Most of the tunics were just too oversized and the baby doll dresses reminded me of my crazy college room mate’s style and were therefore out on principal.  I did walk away with one purchase, some great safari inspired shorts that I can’t wait to wear weather permitting.

Why couldn’t this rosette jacket be available here?! Has anyone seen it in person? I’d really love to hear about the quality or see pictures! I’d also really love someone to want to send me one but I suppose that is asking for quite a bit 🙂