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Summer Sales

Posted in Fashion, Jewelry, Shoes on May 27, 2010 by BEA'sBrideGuide

Nothing like some 80 degree heat and humidity to inspire a sale or two. Some of my favorite items…

Elizabeth Sweater: $55.44 at Bloomingdales

Aqua Striped Dress: $55.40, perfect with some metallic flats

J Crew Bib Necklace: $95

J Crew Dip Dyed Flats: $88


Gone Gardening

Posted in Fashion with tags on March 26, 2010 by BEA'sBrideGuide

As promised the posts are finally resuming! Today I finally got myself out of the house and to H&M to check out my beloved Garden Collection. While the signature dress (think red with rosettes) wasn’t available in Pittsburgh (yet another reason for me to not like this city) there were plenty of other pieces from the collection.  HOWEVER, and this is a big however, I wasn’t really a fan.  I tried on every piece to meet with heartbreaking results.  Most of the tunics were just too oversized and the baby doll dresses reminded me of my crazy college room mate’s style and were therefore out on principal.  I did walk away with one purchase, some great safari inspired shorts that I can’t wait to wear weather permitting.

Why couldn’t this rosette jacket be available here?! Has anyone seen it in person? I’d really love to hear about the quality or see pictures! I’d also really love someone to want to send me one but I suppose that is asking for quite a bit 🙂

Finally a Little NYFW

Posted in Fashion with tags , , , on February 17, 2010 by BEA'sBrideGuide

The inspiration finally hit by the way of an exceptionally fortunate friend who inherited a ticket to Milly from her very generous boss. Not too many pictures to post but I love her for sending me some.  Let the NYFW posts roll…

Meredith Melling Burke

Meredith Melling Burke

For those of you who aren’t fortunate enough to have a boss that gifts you New York Fashion Week tickets or a best friend who is obsessed with Meredith Melling Burke, here is a little background: MMB is Vogue’s Senior Market Editor and all around fashionista about town. When asking my very fabulous NYFW attending friend what made MMB just so darn wonderful, she responded “nothing, everything, she is just that perfect.” I hope someone refers to me that way!

More photos of Melling-Burke at The Magpie Chronicles. Glad the posts are back!

If you are feeling particular…

Posted in Fashion with tags , on February 15, 2010 by BEA'sBrideGuide

While most bloggers are dedicating themselves to reviews of NYFW I’m going to stick to what I know which today happens to be nail polish. Snowed in boring Pittsburgh I’m just not feeling inspired enough to write about the runway.  Chanel’s Particulière nail polish does however have me feeling pretty inspired if not any warmer. I snapped up the last two bottles at my local Chanel makeup counter – feel jealous ladies.

Yes my F21 cross ring is making an appearance...expect it to be one of many.

New Favorite by Forever 21

Posted in Fashion, Jewelry with tags on February 14, 2010 by BEA'sBrideGuide

I don’t often call myself a trend setter. I live in Pittsburgh on a pauper’s budget so let’s not get ahead of ourselves. But every once in a while I have to call myself a visionary.  This ring is one of those times. The first person in my place of work to sport it I’m now one of maybe 10. I’ve even been informed its sold out in our local Forever 21.  Talk about some great merchandising!

Forever 21 Double Finger Cross Ring: $3.80

Wow my roots are horrible in the first two pictures! My hair almost looks red. Thank the lord there is a hair appointment scheduled for Monday! I know y’all were concerned.

Here is the next ring I hope to inspire my coworkers with:

Hop to it ring: $7.80 at Forever 21


Posted in Fashion with tags , , , , , on February 11, 2010 by BEA'sBrideGuide

The snowpocalypse has given me way too many fun phrases but unfortunately not enough opportunities to dress up. I did learn a few important lessons:

1. UGGs are not boots. Not even close.

2. Rain boots with a fleece liner are real boots.

3. Verizon Fios cannot withstand snow.

Lilly Pulitzer Rain Boots

Creepy little neighbors have an interesting sense of humor

In honor of spring which I’m hoping will come around eventually…

They may be clean for now but I'm getting rid of my tights the second the thermometer reads 50.

I’ll be replacing my tights with sheer socks!

Swiss dot tights from Nordstrom

Snowed in!

Posted in Fashion with tags on February 6, 2010 by BEA'sBrideGuide

Pittsburgh has shut down thanks to the little snowocalypse going around and I love it! Trying to look adorable is out of the question as there is a solid foot of snow to wade through but its too gorgeous outside to not enjoy.

Hope everyone is enjoying nice snow days!