Faking It

Faking it isn’t usually considered a positive thing unless it comes to a tan or fur.  I gave up on the tan aspect a long time ago, too much work for temporary results.  Fur is something I continue to struggle with. Last year’s vegan faux fur vest from Pencey was a hit but so were the vintage rabbit fur vests I already owned.  Yesterday another bunny came hoping into my life.

June Rabbit Fur Jacket - $498 at Nordstrom

I shouldn’t love this jacket but I do.  In the past I’ve rationalized my wearing of fur by reminding myself that I didn’t single handedly kill the rabbits and they were gone long before I decided to purchase them. I recognize this thought process is more than slightly skewed especially when buying retail not vintage. I’m still struggling to find a faux replacement with a real feel. The current contenders:

Alice + Olivia Shawl Collar Faux Fur: $398

Very reminiscent of last season’s Pencey vest, the feel is more plush and less fur like. It’s still a winner though because it will fit right in with this season’s lady like looks.

Wink Leidy Faux Fur Coat: $288

The Leidy Coat looks great belted and has less polyester than other faux fur blends making it a bit more real-feeling for me.

Cynthia Steffe Ruffled Faux Fur Coat: $525

The Ruffled Faux Fur Coat is the closest thing in texture and color to the June Rabbit Jacket that set my heart a flutter.  The length makes me feel a little bit more pimp than fashionista but I think with time I could channel that feeling into more of a chic-vintage persona.

It’s difficult to think of spending $300 plus on an imitation but the lower priced faux-furs were lacking the plush feel and look of the real thing. I’ve never been one to balk at an investment piece so I think it’s time to start faking it full-time. The Easter Bunny will thank me.


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