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Brass Knuckles

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In April my world came to a near halt. I lost my double finger cross ring in a hotel after an evening of way too much fun. Many frantic phone calls later I established there is a really stylish maid working at the Hotel Bethlehem. I hope she appreciates my loss. Three months later I am ready to move on.

Erica Anenberg: $118, Nordstrom

Elizabeth and James: $150, Bloomingdales

Jules Smith: $110, Shopbop


Pretty Little Addiction

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Tuesday night you will find me glued to ABC Family. I’m one of the thousands of adults inappropriately watching a show geared towards high schoolers. My most obvious Pretty Little Liar’s observation – when did high school guys get so hot? (Followed by why on earth didn’t I make out with one of my teachers…oh wait when did high school teachers get so hot?). Before long though you realize that Pretty Little Liar’s has more than just hot men wandering about, it has some hot fashion. Actress Lucy Hale’s character Aria’s style tends to impress me the most. Her love of low slung bags that most would only wear as a crossbody motivated me to tell anyone who would listen to me that this was the it style for fall. Let’s hope me and Aria are right!

The low slung bag feels a little 80s-ish but every other trend has come back from the 80s so why not?!