Can too much of a good thing really be too much?

I moved to New York City the summer after college and quickly decided to never be one of the women in a suit and tennis shoes on the subway.  Flip flops got me so far and then stepped in Tory Burch. Sure cool kids had been wearing Tory Burches for years. I am no cool kid. Ten pairs later I may not be cool but I am a border line addict.

Not featured the patent leather pair that lives at work, and the two black leather pairs that sacrificed themselves to the streets of NYC.

Lately people seem to really question my collection and it has me wondering…when will enough be enough?  Probably never. I recently added a silk top and GORGEOUS hobo bag to the collection. So the addiction is spreading…

I’ve been eyeing.

Tortoise Shell PVC Flats: $195

Sally Heel: $265

The Sally looks a bit like the poor man’s patent leather Sophie Heel (closed toed, all patent leather even the logo). I once made a sales girl call every Tory Burch boutique in the country looking for those shoes in a size 7. If anyone has a pair they are interested in selling…drop me an email IMMEDIATELY!!!! And I love you.


One Response to “Can too much of a good thing really be too much?”

  1. Love your Tory Burch collection – and no, there’s never a time where there’s too much Tory in your life! I just started my collection with the gold Reva flats and am planning to add the all black flats soon. Hope you find the size 7 Sallys!

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