Gone Gardening

As promised the posts are finally resuming! Today I finally got myself out of the house and to H&M to check out my beloved Garden Collection. While the signature dress (think red with rosettes) wasn’t available in Pittsburgh (yet another reason for me to not like this city) there were plenty of other pieces from the collection.  HOWEVER, and this is a big however, I wasn’t really a fan.  I tried on every piece to meet with heartbreaking results.  Most of the tunics were just too oversized and the baby doll dresses reminded me of my crazy college room mate’s style and were therefore out on principal.  I did walk away with one purchase, some great safari inspired shorts that I can’t wait to wear weather permitting.

Why couldn’t this rosette jacket be available here?! Has anyone seen it in person? I’d really love to hear about the quality or see pictures! I’d also really love someone to want to send me one but I suppose that is asking for quite a bit 🙂


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