Finally a Little NYFW

The inspiration finally hit by the way of an exceptionally fortunate friend who inherited a ticket to Milly from her very generous boss. Not too many pictures to post but I love her for sending me some.  Let the NYFW posts roll…

Meredith Melling Burke

Meredith Melling Burke

For those of you who aren’t fortunate enough to have a boss that gifts you New York Fashion Week tickets or a best friend who is obsessed with Meredith Melling Burke, here is a little background: MMB is Vogue’s Senior Market Editor and all around fashionista about town. When asking my very fabulous NYFW attending friend what made MMB just so darn wonderful, she responded “nothing, everything, she is just that perfect.” I hope someone refers to me that way!

More photos of Melling-Burke at The Magpie Chronicles. Glad the posts are back!


2 Responses to “Finally a Little NYFW”

  1. Diane Ludwig Says:

    This site is so cool. I don’t know much about fashion, but I do know a well designed site when I see one. YAY

  2. I hope that someone refers to me that way someday, too – so perfect!! 🙂

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