New Favorite by Forever 21

I don’t often call myself a trend setter. I live in Pittsburgh on a pauper’s budget so let’s not get ahead of ourselves. But every once in a while I have to call myself a visionary.  This ring is one of those times. The first person in my place of work to sport it I’m now one of maybe 10. I’ve even been informed its sold out in our local Forever 21.  Talk about some great merchandising!

Forever 21 Double Finger Cross Ring: $3.80

Wow my roots are horrible in the first two pictures! My hair almost looks red. Thank the lord there is a hair appointment scheduled for Monday! I know y’all were concerned.

Here is the next ring I hope to inspire my coworkers with:

Hop to it ring: $7.80 at Forever 21


8 Responses to “New Favorite by Forever 21”

  1. LOVE the ring! Cool blog

  2. wow i love the cross double ring 🙂 its gorgeous and ridiculously cheap

  3. wonderfelle Says:

    F21? really? freakin love that ring… i’m guessing its not online either, boo.

    • stylesparkler Says:

      It’s not! I actually tried to link to it and was so disappointed I couldn’t find it. Check out the store though – they have it in gold and silver too.

  4. That bunny ring is adorable – I’m sure it will be a big hit!

  5. shoppergirl Says:

    i found the silver double finger cross ring on ebay today for only $5!!! spread the word!!!

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