Still Ballet Inspired..

When life hands you lemons….put on a tutu and make a pit bull dance with you! Ok maybe you don’t have a pit bull or a tutu but you should. They are sure to cure any bad day. Add a glass of wine to the mix and you’re set.

Tutu on - mood lifted!

Awkward & Accurate

Everyone likes to dance.

My new babies - Christian Louboutin Rolandos

The Jewels

Dress: Target, Top: Forever 21, Necklaces: Ann Taylor and Target, Bracelets: Anthropologie, Ring: Forever 21, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Glasses: Chanel


5 Responses to “Still Ballet Inspired..”

  1. wonderfelle Says:

    oh so fun! love the ballerina inspiration and really wishing for a tulle skirt right about now!

  2. You are too adorable!!

  3. […] A previous post, Still Ballet Inspired, was prompted by a horrible day at work.  When relaying my cure for a bad day (tutu + Christian […]

  4. omg…the shoes!!!!! ahhhh…
    i’m jealous! haha

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