Bad memories actually. I live in Pittsburgh (ok that isn’t a memory but a reality although I’ll gladly make it a memory). Pittsburgh unfortunately doesn’t get amazing chains like Zara so a friend wisely suggested we drive to the nearest Zara (3 hours away) in time for the new spring collections. This drove me to the website which reminded me off the last time I was in Zara and saw this vest:

It was on the mannequin in front and PERFECT. Except that the sales staff refused to derobe the mannequin and give me my vest. MY VEST. How dare they refuse to give it to me. I work in sale too and let me tell you I will decapitate the mannequin if I think it will make my customer happy (happy customer = someone buying merchandise, maybe you have a different definition). Zara must pay their staff well because even bribery didn’t work…


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