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Shoe Addiction

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I find it hard not to be obsessed with designer shoes. I’ve always liked them but since purchasing my first pair of truly designer shoes – Christian Louboutins – they seem a bit more…attainable.  Making these my new favorites and something new to blow my pay check on.

Halston Suede Peep Toe Boots: $411.25

Lanvin Oxford Ankle Bootie: $538


Couch Potato

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A previous post, Still Ballet Inspired, was prompted by a horrible day at work.  When relaying my cure for a bad day (tutu + Christian Louboutins = happy) a coworker told me it was the most bizarre story she had ever heard. Why on earth would I get dressed up to sit on my couch? It made me think. Sure my couch sees a lot of Juicy Couture inspired Target pajamas but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t get dressed up for it every once in a while. So today, cheers to the women who look great on a couch.

Kate Moss for Vogue

Alexa Chung

Karlie Kloss, Viktoriya Sosonkina, Katrin Thormann for Vogue

Amanda Seyfried

Miley Cyrus for Elle

The return of the pants

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I once read an article by a male New Yorker appalled by the fact that women had lost their pants.  Where had trousers gone? If only he could have foreseen the longevity of the leggings trend he would have abandoned NYC. Over a year later he is probably deeply depressed due to the debut of jeggings. As one of the many woman who ditched her pants he will be happy to hear that this spring I think I’m bringing them back. And this is why…

Pattern Play - Anna Sui

Silk Capris - Diane Von Furstenburg

PJs for Day - ADAM

The New Suit - Jason Wu

I’m sure if these are the kind of pants he had in mind but then again I don’t think I care…

Saturday Shoes

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As much as I love heels I always end up in flats at work…sometime soon I hope it will be these oxfords.

Boutique 9 Ronnie Jazz Oxford Flat: $130

Still Ballet Inspired..

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When life hands you lemons….put on a tutu and make a pit bull dance with you! Ok maybe you don’t have a pit bull or a tutu but you should. They are sure to cure any bad day. Add a glass of wine to the mix and you’re set.

Tutu on - mood lifted!

Awkward & Accurate

Everyone likes to dance.

My new babies - Christian Louboutin Rolandos

The Jewels

Dress: Target, Top: Forever 21, Necklaces: Ann Taylor and Target, Bracelets: Anthropologie, Ring: Forever 21, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Glasses: Chanel


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I really love my new Steve Madden boots.

Steve Madden Brasco Boot: $163


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People have become obsessed with the TV show…some people hoard trash, I apparently hoard jeans.  With the cable on the fritz and the temperatures in the low teens I decided to clean my house which included my closet.  I realized I own at least a dozen pairs of jeans I haven’t worn in the last two years. Something is off with the cut, wash, style…or is it?  I decided to give the gray jeans by Citizens of Humanity a try today.

COH Gray bootcut jeans, Owl necklace, American Apparel White Tee, Vintage Fur Vest