Sequin Leggins: The Down Side

Not all amazingly wonderful trends have longevity. Sequin leggings may be one of those trends.  While I love anything that sparkles (really, who doesn’t?), I learned the hard way that sequin leggings are the least practical item you’ll ever put on your legs (make that second, the first being drop-crotch pants).  Unless you are stomping down the runways during New York fashion week I’ll bet your legs rub against each other every once in a while, or you cross your legs, sit in a car, etc.  Should any of those things happen you can bet your sequins will get stuck together inevitably ripping your leggings.  I made it through a whole evening before accidentally gluing my legs together in my car. Not ready to give up on sequined leggings? There is a solution! Say hello to sequin trim leggings.

DKNYC Sequin Trim Leggings: $59

Forever 21 Sequin Panel Legging: $17.90


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