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Baby Its Cold Outside

Posted in Fashion with tags , , on December 31, 2009 by BEA'sBrideGuide

I hate being cold. As a result from sometime in November until March I live in a North Face Puffer Coat that makes me feel like the Marshmellow Man (except not deliciously tasty). Enter Wellensteyn coats to make me feel fashionable AND warm!

Wellensteyn Zermatt: $399

Shopping for a present? The men’s coats are actually my favorite!

Wallensteyn Bel Ami Coat: $299


40 under $40: Day 22: Lace Dress

Posted in Fashion with tags , , on December 30, 2009 by BEA'sBrideGuide

It’s been too long since I chronicled my goal of finding 40 fabulous items under $40! This dress from Forever 21 inspired me to get back to work.

Forever 21 Lace Bow Dress: $28

A Rose By Any Other Name

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Oh Jason Wu you’ve done it again.  Come up with something over the top wonderful that I absolutely must own but can’t afford.  The Georgette Petal Coat is phenomenal.  Between the color and the beautiful design I am completely smitten. Unfortunately at over $5000 this is a piece that won’t easily make it’s way into my wardrobe (after all I would have to sell everything else I own and wear it every day which might be weird).

Jason Wu Georgette Petal Coat: $5,980

Luckily, I found a few more budget friendly options which are perfect this holiday season! Rosettes just scream New Year’s don’t they?

Marc by Marc Jacobs Rosette Skirt: $178

Phoebe Couture Rosette Bolero: $250

Are These Jeans?

Posted in Fashion with tags , , on December 22, 2009 by BEA'sBrideGuide

I love the word “jeggings”.  I love saying it to young husbands in search of the perfect present for their wife – get her jeggings! The look of confusion that follows is entirely worth it.  Yesterday I hopped on the jegging band wagon and purchased Citizens’ Slick Skinny Legging in the Star wash (black).  These are the perfect solution for anyone who loves leggings but is looking for a more substantial pant. Icing on the cake? I had to go down two sizes because of all the stretch!

COH Slick Leggings in Star wash: $163

The term jegging seems most appropriate for jean-leggings which COH’s Slick Legging really isn’t, it’s more of a combination of black pant and jean.  A jant maybe?

The Sweet Life

Posted in Shoes with tags , , , on December 21, 2009 by BEA'sBrideGuide

I’m currently obsessed with DV by Dolce Vita shoes. I’ve always liked Dolce Vita but their new lower price point line is AMAZING.  My current favorites:

Maren Pump: $99.95

Cooper Bootie: $129.95

Sequin Leggins: The Down Side

Posted in Fashion with tags , , , on December 18, 2009 by BEA'sBrideGuide

Not all amazingly wonderful trends have longevity. Sequin leggings may be one of those trends.  While I love anything that sparkles (really, who doesn’t?), I learned the hard way that sequin leggings are the least practical item you’ll ever put on your legs (make that second, the first being drop-crotch pants).  Unless you are stomping down the runways during New York fashion week I’ll bet your legs rub against each other every once in a while, or you cross your legs, sit in a car, etc.  Should any of those things happen you can bet your sequins will get stuck together inevitably ripping your leggings.  I made it through a whole evening before accidentally gluing my legs together in my car. Not ready to give up on sequined leggings? There is a solution! Say hello to sequin trim leggings.

DKNYC Sequin Trim Leggings: $59

Forever 21 Sequin Panel Legging: $17.90