40 under $40: Day 14: The Skinny Jean

American Eagle Skinny Jeans in Dark Ink: $39.50

American Eagle Skinny Jeans in Dark Ink: $39.50

Once upon a time, a Sophomore in college discovered brand name jeans jeans.  She found them at her new ultra-preppy rather expensive private school. While home on Thanksgiving break her fairy god mother (aka mom) made the mistake of taking her shopping.  Surrounded by pairs of $200 jeans, I…I mean she…promptly threw a temper tantrum to rival any cranky 2 year old and left with three brand new pairs of brand name jeans.  Fast forward 6 years later and I’m paying for my own jeans. And am very happy in a $40 pair from Gap. In fact, I wear these on a daily basis. I can’t even remember the last time I put on a pair of brand name jeans. Why the switch? Well one I’m paying my own bills, but also because these are the perfect rise, perfect color, and fit wonderfully.  Which is why today’s 40 under $40 item is a pair of American Eagle skinny jeans. They look great and at $39.50 will become your affordable closet staple.


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