Love it or Leave it?

I’ve always found being called “trendy” offensive. No one wants to hear that they are good at copying what they see in magazines and on TV. Unique, stylish, original these are terms I find complimentary.  Knowing how to interpret a trend for your own personal style and body is the best way to avoid falling into the obviously trendy trap. Some fall trends are destined to stick around for a while, some will never fully catch on, and some will burn brightly and then fizzle.  Here is my take on the current trends.

Milly Lace Dress: photo from Net-a-Porter

Milly Lace Dress: photo from Net-a-Porter

Go ahead and invest:

  • Lace.  Not just because of my own personal obsession with everything lacey but because of how classic lace pieces are.  They are also a great balance for the tough heavy metal looks.  Find an amazing lace purchase and hold on to it.  You can’t go wrong with a beautiful lace pump or dress.
  • Rock ‘n Roll/Heavy Metal.  This trend might have become mainstream this fall but has been gaining traction for the past few seasons.  Heavy metal details help to add a wow factor to blazers, tees, and boots.  There are some amazing pieces out there that will fit into any budget and the details help make the piece look more expensive than it really is.
  • Bows & Ruffles.  Spring is a great time to experiment with more feminine looks. Think florals, draping, bows, and ruffles.  Invest in well done pieces to avoid looking childish.  Again these details help to add unexpected twists to basics.

Haram Pant

Haram Pant

Here today, gone tomorrow:

  • Velvet.  This is a seasonal look that you would have transitioning to warmer weather.  Also, velvet is not figure flattering. I love the velvet leggings that a few lines have put out but know that they will automatically add 10 lbs to my legs.  I would purchase a dress in a figure slimming color such as black.
  • Strong shoulders.  I actually love a puffed sleeve but I think spring will usher in more feminine looks. Expect draping as opposed to the aggressive shoulders seen at Balmain.

Most people won’t even try:

  • Drop crotch pants.  I am not a harem girl. While I think this look embodied relaxed chic on the runway and on models I will not be attempting it myself. I have a feeling most national chains will skip it as well.

What trends are you hoping will stick around?


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