It’s Not You It’s Me

Well actually it was a girl on Forbes and my dog but I’m still going to have to break up with you. Sorry, UGGS, it’s over.  It started over six months ago when my puppy (rescue Pitt Bull and AMAZING) shredded one of my UGGs while I was out to diner. At the time I blamed it on the shoe’s likeness to his sherling lamb toy that had met a similar fate the day before.  But perhaps I was underestimating my dog.  Maybe he has better fashion foresight then I do.  Fastforward to the present and I see a college student walking by in what can only be describing as the lazy girl’s college uniform: UGGs, leggings, hoody.  And she loooks…horrible.  Lazy, disheveled, like she put zero effort into her outfit.  And then it hit me. I’m toasty in my car wearing suede riding boots that are tres comfortable and cute! No need to look lazy with so many great riding boot options out there. Like I said, it’s really not you it’s me, I’ve changed.

Maybe I’ll regret this come winter and snow but for now it’s over.

PS. Trying to shake your UGGs? Read the post on Chinese Laundry’s suede riding boots. They are AMAZING!


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