A Headbandless Gossip Girl? You might as well fire Dorota while you’re at it!


Jennifer Behr: $198

Jennifer Behr: $198

In October 2009 In Style Eric Daman dares to say that we will see a Blair sans headbands in the future.  Think again friend! Part of the reason I love Blair is because of her ridiculous headbands.  I didn’t blink an eye when a friend recently wore a headband with the world’s largest bow on it (did she think she was a Christmas present?). I used to have a headband hook up at Bendel’s. Literally, I had a sales person who would call me when they got the latest headband shipments, especially ones that had been featured on Gossip Girl.  I even started creating my own over the top headband concoctions.  It’s amazing how creative you can get living in NYC on a budget.

The kids may be going to college but that is no reason to throw their characters into complete identity crises.  So please Eric Daman leave Blair’s headbands alone. I won’t however argue with you if you decide to makeover Vanessa or Jenny.


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