New Season Same Boot

I try to bring you designer fashions for less. But sometimes I don’t even feel the need to provide you with the higher end option because the budget friendly version is that great.  Chinese Laundry suede riding boots are such an item.  


Chinese Laundry Tahoe: $89.99 on sale

Chinese Laundry Tahoe: $89.99 on sale

My first Chinese Laundry purchase was last year, the Tahoe.  A suede below the knee riding boot which helped get me through my last New York winter. I opted for grey.  I debated the purchase for a few weeks, would it look as classy in person as it did online?  During my indecision my room mate bought the Tahoe, in grey.  Not only was it classy the boot was now living in my apartment three whole sizes larger than I could wear.  I had the Tahoe overnighted.



Chinese Laundry Tripin: $109

Chinese Laundry Tripin: $109

This year its the Tripin. The Tahoe’s taller, cooler big sister.  The same suede and snaps but this boot hits just above the knee. A few years ago I would have laughed out loud if you told me I would be in love with boots that hit (gasp) above the knee! I wore them today with Swiss Dot tights and felt like the coolest girl in the office.  


Next year it may be the Trust Me.  Tripin’s twin sister in organic leather.



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