Can a shoe be so ugly it’s cute?

Moda SlingbacksMore than once I’ve seen a dog that is so ugly it’s cute.  I feel this way about every Brussels Griffon I’ve ever seen and I still contemplated buying one from an overpriced luxury puppy store (for those of you in Manhattan – Le Petit Puppy – I bet you’ve already been there). But can a shoe illicit the same response?  Lately I’ve been craving this season’s hybrid mule-slingback.  Clunky, peep toe, reminiscent of the 70s; this is a shoe I would have made fun of 4 years ago.  But here I am one month later and at the end of an exhaustive search.  I couldn’t reconcile myself with Frye’s $200 price tag and ended up with a pair from a local boutique that is more sandal than slingback.  Instead of being pleased with my purchase I keep eyeing a pair of suede beauties. If I can love this trend that much then perhaps I may need to rethink my stance on Brussels Griffons…


3 Responses to “Can a shoe be so ugly it’s cute?”

  1. I think these have a certain elegance. Not pretty, but there is something attractive about them.

  2. Those shoes are so cute I must have a pair. Do you know what sizes they come in?

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