BEA’s Bride Guide is Here!

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…kind of! The only thing I’m obsessed with more than fashion is weddings and wedding fashion.  I’ve decided to stop forcing my not-yet-fiancé to listen to anymore wedding talk so I’m letting it loose on the web. Please check it out and feel free to comment! I always love to learn about the latest trends in bridal attire, wedding etiquette, hot venues (please be advised I have a rustic barn obsession).

Check out BEA’s Bride Guide – still a work in progress 🙂


Faking It

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Faking it isn’t usually considered a positive thing unless it comes to a tan or fur.  I gave up on the tan aspect a long time ago, too much work for temporary results.  Fur is something I continue to struggle with. Last year’s vegan faux fur vest from Pencey was a hit but so were the vintage rabbit fur vests I already owned.  Yesterday another bunny came hoping into my life.

June Rabbit Fur Jacket - $498 at Nordstrom

I shouldn’t love this jacket but I do.  In the past I’ve rationalized my wearing of fur by reminding myself that I didn’t single handedly kill the rabbits and they were gone long before I decided to purchase them. I recognize this thought process is more than slightly skewed especially when buying retail not vintage. I’m still struggling to find a faux replacement with a real feel. The current contenders:

Alice + Olivia Shawl Collar Faux Fur: $398

Very reminiscent of last season’s Pencey vest, the feel is more plush and less fur like. It’s still a winner though because it will fit right in with this season’s lady like looks.

Wink Leidy Faux Fur Coat: $288

The Leidy Coat looks great belted and has less polyester than other faux fur blends making it a bit more real-feeling for me.

Cynthia Steffe Ruffled Faux Fur Coat: $525

The Ruffled Faux Fur Coat is the closest thing in texture and color to the June Rabbit Jacket that set my heart a flutter.  The length makes me feel a little bit more pimp than fashionista but I think with time I could channel that feeling into more of a chic-vintage persona.

It’s difficult to think of spending $300 plus on an imitation but the lower priced faux-furs were lacking the plush feel and look of the real thing. I’ve never been one to balk at an investment piece so I think it’s time to start faking it full-time. The Easter Bunny will thank me.

Brass Knuckles

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In April my world came to a near halt. I lost my double finger cross ring in a hotel after an evening of way too much fun. Many frantic phone calls later I established there is a really stylish maid working at the Hotel Bethlehem. I hope she appreciates my loss. Three months later I am ready to move on.

Erica Anenberg: $118, Nordstrom

Elizabeth and James: $150, Bloomingdales

Jules Smith: $110, Shopbop

Pretty Little Addiction

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Tuesday night you will find me glued to ABC Family. I’m one of the thousands of adults inappropriately watching a show geared towards high schoolers. My most obvious Pretty Little Liar’s observation – when did high school guys get so hot? (Followed by why on earth didn’t I make out with one of my teachers…oh wait when did high school teachers get so hot?). Before long though you realize that Pretty Little Liar’s has more than just hot men wandering about, it has some hot fashion. Actress Lucy Hale’s character Aria’s style tends to impress me the most. Her love of low slung bags that most would only wear as a crossbody motivated me to tell anyone who would listen to me that this was the it style for fall. Let’s hope me and Aria are right!

The low slung bag feels a little 80s-ish but every other trend has come back from the 80s so why not?!

Can too much of a good thing really be too much?

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I moved to New York City the summer after college and quickly decided to never be one of the women in a suit and tennis shoes on the subway.  Flip flops got me so far and then stepped in Tory Burch. Sure cool kids had been wearing Tory Burches for years. I am no cool kid. Ten pairs later I may not be cool but I am a border line addict.

Not featured the patent leather pair that lives at work, and the two black leather pairs that sacrificed themselves to the streets of NYC.

Lately people seem to really question my collection and it has me wondering…when will enough be enough?  Probably never. I recently added a silk top and GORGEOUS hobo bag to the collection. So the addiction is spreading…

I’ve been eyeing.

Tortoise Shell PVC Flats: $195

Sally Heel: $265

The Sally looks a bit like the poor man’s patent leather Sophie Heel (closed toed, all patent leather even the logo). I once made a sales girl call every Tory Burch boutique in the country looking for those shoes in a size 7. If anyone has a pair they are interested in selling…drop me an email IMMEDIATELY!!!! And I love you.

Summer Sales

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Nothing like some 80 degree heat and humidity to inspire a sale or two. Some of my favorite items…

Elizabeth Sweater: $55.44 at Bloomingdales

Aqua Striped Dress: $55.40, perfect with some metallic flats

J Crew Bib Necklace: $95

J Crew Dip Dyed Flats: $88

Can Bing Read My Mind?

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I have an unnatural love of personalize stationery and odds-and-ends.  A monogrammed coaster? Done! With an elephant? Even better.  Imagine my delight at finding Iomoi, a collection of overly preppy and fashionable coasters, stationery, plates, and goodies.  Then imagine my dismay when I insisted to google the site was called imomo. Apparently googling imomo elephant monogrammed coaster will not lead you to Iomoi. Fortunately for us all my browser’s history does 🙂

Custom ice Buckets

Do yourself a favor and visit Iomoi in Safari!